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In here you will find a list of tips and trick I encountered while using the Serenity BDD framework in combination with JBehave.
I will mention (with each point) which versions I used.

Please continue reading to see the complete list (it’s still pretty empty at this point


  • [all] don’t use periods (.) in your scenario titles
    This has more to do with IntelliJ and/or the IntelliJBehave plugin than with the HTML report, but when using periods in your scenario titles, IntelliJ won’t display the scenario title in the “Run” Tool Window.
  • [1.2.2 / 1.17.0] all stories must have a story level Meta tag
    We just updated to Serenity BDD core version 1.2.2 with Serenity JBehave version 1.17.0 and if a Story has no story-level meta tag, the story will not be shown by name in the report.
    You can enter an empty meta tag to overcome this (we use @issue without an actual issuenumber, which we already use a lot)